Armed Security

Does your line of business or location make you liable to a violent attack? If so, armed protection may be necessary.
Our armed guards have extensive formal training, some are military and others have law enforcement experience. Executive Investigation & Security knows that our security guards play an important role in our clients’ property security. That is why our officers are prepared, alert, and connected. They will observe, deter, and report. They consistently maintain communication with our clients. With frequent inspections conducted by Supervisors, our security officers demonstrate their strong work ethic and dedication to client satisfaction. A second level of inspection is achieved through radios and fob system.

Professionalism, Reliability and Opportunity

Armed Security Services

Some of our services include:

  • check_symbolCar Dealerships
  • check_symbolJewelry Stores
  • check_symbolManufacturers
  • check_symbolCorporate Office Buildings
  • check_symbolParking Lots
  • check_symbolResidential Complexes
  • check_symbolHigh Rise Apartments
Still today, many business owners believe that they will never be victimized and that they can safety operate without security. In our business, COMPLACENCY spells DISASTER. If you have been told that security is not important and that it can wait, You’re Being Lied To! The truth is, if you operate a business on a continuing bases, it is 100% certain that you or your enterprise will be victimized in some way.

Protect Your Investment!

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