Private Investigation

All private investigators working on your case will handle it with professional, discreet methods. Your identity, along with what we do on your behalf, is kept absolutely discreet and confidential. In most circumstances, our staff will follow your instructions to the letter. All clients can rest assured that confidentiality is paramount here at Executive Investigation & Security, from the highest profile personalities to executives and local government officials.


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Some Services Offered


Close observation of a person or group, especially one under suspicion.

Retail Detectives

Are Licensed Security Professionals whom monitor customer activity in a covert manner to deter and detect theft in retail outlets.

Retail Loss Prevention

We use private investigators who are experienced in asset protection, reducing the amount of theft and shrinkage within a business.

Employee Monitoring

Tracking employee activity while at work. This may include the use of video cameras, secret shoppers, covert employees.

CCTV Surveillance

Monitoring networked video surveillance systems.

Perimeter Monitoring

Secure physical assets and locations by providing continuous monitoring of ingress and egress routes.

Statements & Interviews

Our Investigator take detailed formal declaration, narration, presentation, or recital of circumstances, events, facts, or a state of affairs, and transfer it back to the client in a clear, concise and timely fashion.

GPS Tracking

Used to track suspect(s) during an investigation, collecting data on locations from the field and delivering it to the client.